Deckare Album Out Now

It’s official. A.S. Swanski has just released his new album Deckare. It’s a suite of songs inspired by Swedish crime fiction.

The Deckare project is unique: each track was inspired by a Swedish crime novel. Nevertheless, you don’t have to like nordic noir to enjoy these songs. Musically, Deckare moves between dark ambient, krautrock, synth pop and post-punk, always seeking a balance between menace and mystery. It’s dark and uncompromising, sometimes elegantly melancholic, and, occasionally, even surprisingly catchy.

A.S. Swanski talked extensively about the project in interviews with The Crime House, Tone Tribune, Indie Band Guru and other media.

Download, Streaming Audio, CD

Deckare album coverThe album contains 11 songs. Russian chanteuse La Gouzel, a long time collaborator of A.S. Swanski, appears in three of them, the other tracks are solo performances by Swanski. He also made videos for each song.

Deckare is available in downloadable form on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Play, and also as streaming audio on Spotify. Releases on Rdio, Beats Music and Deezer are planned for the near future.

There’s also a limited edition cd available though Bandcamp.

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